People fall in love with brands, trust them and believe in their superiority.
How a brand is perceived affects its success, regardless of whether it’s a startup, a non-profit, or a product.

– Alina Wheeler

Branding Services

Branding your business is more than having a logo, business card, brochure, website, or any other kind of marketing material. Today it’s important to keep your brand communication consistent in your marketing strategy. Consumers these days do extensive research on a brand before purchasing a product or service.

A clear and consistent branding strategy will also help you attract your right customer and they will be able to trust your integrity and affect their decision. Keep in mind, before they purchase they will be considering your story, values and product/service reviews.

Whether you need a logo design or marketing material to define your business, WYV can help you keep your ideas within your branding personality.

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Logo ReVamp ,,,100+

Logo ReDesign ,,,300+

New Logo Design ,,,600+



Custom Business Card Design*,,,180+

Custom Letterhead Design* (PDF Only),,, 40+

Custom Document Design (PDF Only),,,80+

Custom Form Document Design,,,80+

Custom Envelope Design*,,,80+

Digital Form Design,,,120+

Package Design,,,TBD

Other Custom Branding Design,,,REQUEST A QUOTE



Additional Custom Artwork & Design,,, REQUEST A QUOTE

Editing/Photoshop Images (per image),,, REQUEST A QUOTE

Print Services (additional),,, REQUEST A QUOTE