3 Schools of Thought

WYV Designs’ 3 Schools of Thought:

WYV Designs was founded by Wai Yung Vuong, an intuitive creative, impeccable problem solver and a natural born designer. Wai offers a combination of creative design and technical skills for any functional marketing design project. With over a decade of experience, Wai takes her 3 Schools of Thought to enhance your business in every way.

1. Traditional Fine Arts

Traditional fine arts lets us push limits and think out of the box. WYV Designs creativity has a sound knowledge of fine arts and usage of multiple mediums from sketching, painting to sculpting. With a solid background in fine arts, it builds a strong foundation of creativity, and lets create anything for you and makes our dreams and ideas limitless.

2. Engineering Design

Secondly, applying engineering and drafting skills in the mix, helps with the logic, balance and flow of the preliminary stages of design. Using structured guidelines we use the first two schools of thought to draft out wire-frame layouts, calculate planned layouts and logically organize the information architecture of designing a logo, brochure or website design.

3. Digital Arts & Design

Lastly, digital arts and design cohesively binds all the skills and knowledge to create WYV Designs a great graphic and web design business. From logos, branding, collateral, photo editing, type setting, promotional design to web site design and web development; we provide limitless ways for you to build your brand and market your business.

With the 3 Schools of Thought, a well-rounded full service graphic design and web development company with a solid foundation you can trust. We implement design standards and stay current in this fast pace industry. Our mission is to provide you the best service and have solutions to all your design and marketing needs.

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